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Here are two harmonica parts Menuet. The upper voice is written in regular C clef whereas the lower part uses the bass clef, F.   Let's listen to the piece entirely.The complete performance with both voices  Now we'll practice each part separately. Let's begin with the upper voice below:
Finding a good amp for the chromatic harmonica takes time, but if you're looking for a warm and clean sound I would recommend you to choose from a guitar acoustic amp or a portable PA system.Below, you see a few guitar amps to check out which may help you in
I have made a list of the 8 things professional harmonica players hopefully do or don't when they get hired for a gig. Wearing alternatively the bandleader and sideman hats as a working musician in New York, I have experienced both sides of the job. Of course I have made
Welcome to my guide to some of the best harmonicas on the market. I have owned several ones over the years and some of my favorite models are listed below. If you are a complete beginner I suggest starting with a 12 hole model then upgrade to 14 and finally
In this post we'll talk about my favorite learning tools that can be used to make your harmonica practice time more productive. We'll review two apps, a set of headphone, a portable keyboard and a small portable recorder. I believe these tools will facilitate your day-to-day learning process while being
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You probably already got a copy of a Real Book at some point and felt overwhelmed looking at that list of hundred of song titles! I know that feeling too. It's important to be familiar with as many tunes as possible. However it's impossible to learn them all at once!
​​​​1) The diatonic is easier than the chromaticI would say the diatonic is easier in the first few weeks to pick up the pace and get started playing simple songs. In fact I could teach you how to play "Mr. Tambourine Man" in 10 min during a lesson at my
There are so many great Thielemans records but I have decided to attempt to come up with a definitive list of the 5 best of all time. Click on the photo to listen to the album.1-Only Trust Your Heart, Concord, 1988 Only Trust Your Heart" is Toots Thielemans's first album that
I would like to talk ab​out five most common mistakes made by harmonica players.1) Blowing and Inhaling too hard Most likely, after you’ve picked up a harmonica for the first time and started playing the first bottom notes, I’m sure you probably thought your harmonica was broken and you were ready